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Outdoor Writers!!

Have you always wanted to be an outdoor writer?  Do you have a story or two stashed somewhere on your computer or the back of your mind.  Do you want some feedback on your writing?  Maybe you just want to share a hunting or fishing experience that you think will help others.  Send your articles and we will post them and monitor the feedback from our members to your article and then give you a critique based on our review and the members’ reviews.

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Member Contribution -
S.F. Boise Blast and Cast - Jason

Member Contribution -
Rainbows and Blue Grouse - Colleen

Between Idaho and Oregon along the Snake River system are steep slopes renowned for chukar hunting. Two dams createOwbow and Brownlee Reservoirs, these waters hold a large number of small-mouth bass, crappie, catfish and more! Hunt the hills but do not forget your fishing gear for a midday break from the hike or end of the day fishing expedition.
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Accessible Idaho

(a pretty thorough listing of all the opportunities available to hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers with disabilities)
Family Fishing Spots

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