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   I have created these maps using public information for the base layers. These data are available at numerous sites on the World Wide Web. I have also utilized the interactive maps (IMS) described in the right column of this page. The base data (roads, terrian features, WMA boundaries) for all the maps is not copyrightable by Upland Idaho LLC, but the information depicting my activities are.

   Use the interactive map links to the right to create your own maps. The biggest draw back, IMS sites require a speedy connection and computer.


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Private Property Boundary Maps

The first in a series of maps to help identify private lands while you are hunting. The private land boundaries were obtained from 2005 public data. These maps are a quick reference and should not be used to justify hunting property that is marked as No Trespassing.

Ask First to hunt private land.

Gem Washington

Washington County

Click the image to open a PDF (670k)

Boise River Wildlife Management Area

Site Map
jpg   pdf

Cecil Andrus Wildlife Management Area

Regional Map

jpg  pdf

Area Hunted Map

jpg    pdf

This map depicts the general location and names of Wildlife Managment Areas where pheasants are stocked by the Idaho Fish and Game.

General Map

Related Information:
Links to Idaho Fish and Game WMA Information

All images, maps, and written material are Copyright of Upland Idaho LLC, unless otherwise noted. Use and or reproduction of anything found on this site is limited to express written permission.

Idaho Related Maps!
Use the links below to build your own maps (I DO), complete with Digital Elevation Maps or Orthophotos as the background. (Interactive maps are "heavy" in their computer speed requirements)
NEW! Forest Service Idaho Fires Web site.
Idaho Fish and Game's Map Center

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